Our factory and professional team

We are proud of that  we have a complete line of modern equipment and a very capable team in our plant.

To provide quality products in complying with the demands of OEM, as well as requirements from aftermarket maintenance, we develop environmental-friendly high technology and upgrade our production facilities constantly. We strive to reduce hazardous gases exhausted from automobiles to improve air quality and make the best effort to restore the beauty of our nature.

Mold and tooling

We independently develop and producing thousands of catalytic converter and muffler molds, including catalytic converter housing, muffler shell, flange, end cap and so on. All molds are made by CNC equipments, according to the OEM standard. these could be meet automatic welding requirements

Punching & hydropress

Our factory has 50 sets of stamping & hydraulic equipment, including 3 sets 315 tons hydraulic presses, 21 sets 80 tons of hydraulic presses, 16 sets 60 tons of presses. 600,000 sets of catalytic converter shells are produced annually

Laser cutting robot

The six-axis robot can cut the special-shaped catalytic converter shell, equipped with IPG 80kw laser, with high laser power, and the cutting edge is smooth and neat without residue. It could realized automatic cutting process.

Automatic CNC bending machine

We have 6 sets semi-automatic CNC pipe bending machines, which could meet the requirements of muffler exhaust and exhaust pipe, The bending Angle of various sizes with high dimensional accuracy and smooth bending surface

Muffler sealing machine

The muffler box sealing machine, with sealing tooling, is suitable for the round and oval sound muffler box sealing package, the edge is firm, solid, beautiful and airtight.

Automatic welding robot

7 axis automatic welding robot, high welding precision, continuous smooth and firm welding joint. Ensure the size accuracy of catalytic converter assembly

Some of Our Products

We produce and export exhaust mufflers, catalytic converters, exhaust tail pipes, flexible pipe, exhaust clamps and other exhaust accessories.


Let’s Get Started

If you have any other inquiry or special product model. please freely contact me.Competitive price and excellent quality products will be provided.Wishing we could build long cooperative relationship.